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Welcome to the UEA Partnerships Handbook.  

This year we have redeveloped the Partnerships Handbook into an online resource making the handbook more accessible and establishing a more efficient and user friendly environment for accessing information relating to the establishment and the ongoing management and monitoring of an academic partnership with the UEA.

UEA’s relationships with our partner institutions form a vital part of our commitment to widening participation and enhancing higher education opportunities in the region and beyond.

Students studying through partner institutions are a significant component of UEA’s overall student body with around 8000 students registered on UEA validated or jointly validated courses (UEA additionally works with the University of Essex for courses jointly validated under the UCS arrangements which are covered by the UCS Partnerships Handbook).

It is essential that UEA works with its partners to maintain and enhance the standards and quality of UEA awards for validated courses.  This Partnerships Handbook site supports this aim through offering helpful advice and guidance to all UEA validated partners.  The Handbook should be regarded as a key working document for colleagues and partners which details key regulations and provides practical information to ensure that policy and procedures meet the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) Quality Code requirements. 

The notion of partnership is central to UEA's concept of partnership.  We therefore actively seek to involve partners through various mechanisms including Joint Boards of Study/Committees, details of which can also be found on this Handbook site.

In addition to this Handbook, the Academic Partnerships website ( contains a range of useful information for partner institutions including:

  • Information on and links to all of our partner institutions;
  • Partner institutions’ academic appeals procedures;  
  • Key websites;
  • Policy documents, forms and files, for reference and for use by partner institutions;
  • Academic Partnerships staff contact details and responsibilities.

We hope that you find the new site both a useful and informative guidance tool. 

Professor Ian Dewing

UEA Academic Director of Partnerships