Partnership with The Royal Marsden School Partnership with The Royal Marsden School

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The Royal Marsden School has been one of UEA’s educational partners since September 2015.

Located in central London the School has a reputation, nationally and internationally, for excellence in education. 

The School’s academic team has close links to clinical specialists and research experts in The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.  The strong relationship between the School and clinical practice ensures the curriculum reflects that changing landscape of contemporary clinical practice.

The School offers a wide portfolio of courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level to a range of healthcare professionals.  All teaching is underpinned by the highest academic standards and is delivered within a supportive learning environment.

UEA validate professional degrees taught by the School, and students who successfully complete validated courses will be awarded a UEA degree qualification.

UEA validated HE Programmes at Royal Marsden School are regulated by these Regulations.

For more information about the School please go their website:

UEA Partnerships Office contact is Laurence Daly.