UEA Student Union UEA Student Union

College students have access to their own students’ union:

College students are not members of the UEA Student Union but are able to access some of their services, other services are only open to UEA students who are automatically members.

College students can use the uea|su bars and two gig/nightclub venues. The Nick Rayn's LCR is the gig/club venue on campus and the Waterfront is in the city centre. They must have a valid UEA Campus Card and be prepared to produce it when asked to by a member of staff.

The uea|su operates an Advice Service. Students are not able to access these services directly ‘in-person’, i.e. via phone, email or by attending the Service on campus. However, they can access most sections of the uea|su website for helpful advice on housing, finance and employment issues.

The Students Union website is https://www.uea.su/

College students are not automatically a member of the uea|su. However they are able to apply to be a uea|su Associate Member:

  • There is an annual fee for this membership
  • Associate members are eligible to join a club or society
  • Gives access to uea|su services such as the Advice Service; use the SU housing function and purchase of an NUS Extra card
  • Does not entitle students to take part in UEA elections of student officers or elections of clubs and societies committees.

Note Easton and Otley students are associate members of uea|su via the college.