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Easton&Otley College is a land-based college with campuses at Easton in Norfolk and Otley in Suffolk.

UEA has had a partnership arrangement with Easton College since 2006. In August 2012 Easton College merged with Otley College to form Easton&Otley College.

The College provides courses for the agricultural and horticultural industries; this has been complemented over recent years with the development of a broader range of specialist vocational courses ranging from equestrian studies and animal care, through to ecology, conservation management and sports studies.

The College is part of the Centre for Contemporary Agriculture (CAA) in collaboration with UEA, and is supported by partner institutes including the John Innes Centre, the Institute of Food ResearchThe Sainsbury Laboratory in Norwich, and the National Institute for Agricultural Botany and The Arable Group (NIAB-TAG).

UEA validated HE Programmes at Easton & Otley College are regulated by these Regulations.


Further Information can be found on the Easton and Otley College website.

UEA Partnerships Office Contact is Hannah Jackson.