UEA Academic Link UEA Academic Link

Where it is deemed appropriate by the Academic Director of Partnerships, UEA Academic Links may be appointed for a course (or, more usually, a group of courses, if appropriate) validated by the University. Following validation of a course UEA may nominate an individual to act as Academic Link for the course team and to provide an agreed number of days of support during the year. In some cases the Academic Link model may not be the most appropriate way of supporting a partnership in which case alternative models may be used.

The UEA Academic Link forms an important part of the relationship between the course team and the University.  The key features of the Academic Link's role are to support and advise the course team and UEA and to facilitate communications and awareness-raising of the partnership with other academic colleagues at UEA where appropriate.

The UEA Academic Link  can be seen as a ‘critical friend’ of the course team and as an agent for the quality and standards of all courses and awards offered or made in UEA’s name under the collaborative arrangements. The UEA Academic Link is required to produce an annual report on his/her activities in respect of the course(s) and is normally expected to discuss the report with the course team before submitting it to the relevant Joint Board of Study/Joint Committee.

Where additional academic support may be required but the University is unable to provide that support, consideration will be given to sourcing expertise from another institution.