Student Feedback and Engagement Student Feedback and Engagement

UEA recognises the important role that feedback from students plays in the delivery and development of its courses of study and academic support provision. As per Chapter B5: Student Engagement of the QAA UK Quality Code, it is expected that all partner institutions will take deliberate steps to engage all students, individually and collectively, as partners in the assurance and enhancement of their educational experience.

It is a minimum requirement of the University that each partner institution establishes at least one Staff-Student Liaison Committee or equivalent and that for every module student feedback is obtained at least annually each time the module is delivered.  Additional feedback may be obtained from students in a variety of ways, although these will typically include questionnaires, in-class discussions or focus groups.

The relevant Joint Board of Study/Joint Committee (which includes student representation) maintains an oversight of any issues arising from student feedback via the annual monitoring process and other mechanisms.