Graduation Ceremonies Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremonies for the purpose of awarding UEA validated awards may be held 'in person' or 'in absentia'. Requests for ‘in person’ ceremonies should normally be made to the Partnerships Office at least six months in advance to ensure the availability of  a senior officer of the University and, critically, to allow for planning time for parchment production.

Parchments for ceremonies are only produced at certain points during the year and the dates of Boards of Examiners' meetings should be notified to the Partnerships Office well in advance to ensure that parchment production can be arranged. 

Partner institutions may nominate potential candidates for the award of an honorary degree of the University; the process is co-ordinated by the UEA Vice-Chancellor’s Office.

Academic dress for ceremonies is to be worn as approved by the University – see the UEA website for the official regulations.