Associate Teachers Associate Teachers

Associate Teacher status recognises the qualifications, experience and continuing professional development activities of teaching staff at UEA partner institutions. Associate Teacher status is available to teaching staff at UEA partner institutions if they are involved in summative assessment and/or delivering at least 10 hours of HE teaching per academic year.


Teaching staff at UEA partner institutions are eligible to apply if they are involved in summative assessment and/or delivering at least 10 hours of HE teaching per academic year.

The partner institution is responsible for ensuring that Associate Teachers receive appropriate mentorship, induction and development and, if involved in summative assessment, that this work is moderated by another experienced Associate Teacher.

UEA Associate Teacher applicants:

  • will normally be expected to have a minimum of a first degree and/or relevant professional qualification, plus at least 3 years teaching and/or other relevant experience;
  • will be expected to conform to individual college requirements with regard to gaining a teaching qualification;
  • should normally be qualified at least to the level above the one at which they are to teach, and/or have relevant professional qualifications/experience of delivering at that level.

The University will make assessments on the following general criteria:

  • the formal qualifications and teaching experience of the applicant against the level and subject areas applied for;
  • envidence of successful, imaginative or innovative teaching development;
  • the engagement of the applicant with scholarship, research, consultancy or professional activity appropriate to the level and subject area(s) applied for.


Application Process

UEA Associate Teacher applicants should complete an application form, including a personal statement, and forward it, with a current curriculum vitae, to the Head of HE (or equivalent) at the applicant’s institution for section 2 to be completed.  The form should then be sent to the UEA Partnerships Office.

The Partnerships Office will communicate the outcome to the applicant’s Head of HE (or equivalent), who is then responsible for advising the applicant.

A copy of the application form and a CV template can be found on the Handbooks, Policies and Forms page on our main website.


Duration of Appointment and Renewals

Appointments are usually made for up to five years in the first instance depending on experience and qualifications. Where a candidate has limited HE teaching experience or qualifications the initial appointment will be granted for one year in the first instance, reviewed annually and a developmental action plan agreed with the partner institution. 

Applications for extension to the period of appointment must be made using the standard form three months before approval as a UEA Associate Teacher is due to expire.

The Head of HE (or equivalent) must provide an account of the standard of teaching quality within the previous year by completing Section 2 of the application form.  This could include examples of student feedback, evidence from the peer observation process and progress towards any teaching qualification, where required.


Resignation/Retirement of Associate Teachers

It is the responsibility of the partner institution to inform the Partnerships Office of the resignation or retirement of any approved Associate Teachers.