An outside area with space to move and freedom for activities An outside area with space to move and freedom for activities

The children have access to a variety of equipment for physical activities such as a multi-purpose activity centre, bikes, scooters and balancing apparatus.

The children are involved with gardening and growing their own vegetables.

We are very fortunate to have our own woodland Forest School site which is used by all the children throughout the Nursery. We have 2 Level Three Forest School Leaders and run weekly Forest School sessions for all the three and four year olds.

The ethos of Forest School is to enable children the freedom to play and investigate the natural environment around them, encouraging them to explore social interaction, risk assessment and a range of emotions. ‘Children and young people are given encouragement to direct their own learning.' (Forest School Training Company Website, 2012) Forest School concentrates on how children learn rather than the content of the learning and enables leaders to support children through independent decision making to direct their own learning. Forest School Leaders use methods of observation to track children's progress and to scaffold learning opportunities to further individual children's journeys.