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The School of Social Work is an internationally renowned academic department dedicated to research and teaching. We have a strong interdisciplinary focus with a reputation for policy relevant empirical research. The teaching team within the School promote a friendly, scholarly and stimulating atmosphere and this is matched by students being both sociable and industrious so they make the most of their time with us.

The Schools of Study at UEA teach thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students each year across the four faculties of our campus in Norwich.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Social Work.

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  1. Dear Student

    Welcome to UEA and to the School of Social Work. We are very pleased you have decided to study with us and we look forward to working with you and to ensuring you have all the support you need to be successful and go on to have a rewarding career in social work.

    We hope you will enjoy being a student here and that you will take full advantage of studying in a School which is one of the UK's leading centres for teaching and research in social work.

    I wish you well with your studies and look forward very much to meeting you. 


    Best wishes

    Professor Jonathan Dickens

    Head of the School of Social Work

The following books are some suggestions for optional pre-course reading:


Beckett, C and Maynard, A (2012) Values and Ethics in Social Work: an Introduction, 2nd ed, London: Sage


Boyd, D and Bee, H (2011) Lifespan development 6th Ed.  Pearson


Cocker C and Hafford-Letchfield T (2014) Rethinking Anti Oppressive and Anti Discriminatory Theories for Social Work Practice. London: Palgrave


Dickens, J (2012) Social Work, Law and Ethics. Abingdon: Routledge


Dunk West, P (2013) How to be a social worker: A critical guide for students. Basingstoke, Palgrave


Horner, N. (2013) What is Social Work? Context and Perspectives (4th ed), London: Sage/Learning Matters


Howe, D. (2009)  A Brief Introduction to Social Work Theory Palgrave Macmillan


Lymbery, M and Postle K (eds) (2007) Social Work: A Companion to Learning.  London: Sage


Wilson, K, Ruch, G, Lymbery, M & Cooper, A (2011) Social Work: An introduction to contemporary practice, (2nd Ed) Harlow: Pearson Longman

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