Education and Lifelong Learning

How do people learn? What’s the role of education in society and culture? Engage with contemporary issues in educational policy, pedagogy and practice at one of the UK’s premier centres for teaching and research in professional education. What will education mean to you?

The Schools of Study at UEA teach thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students each year across the four faculties of our campus in Norwich.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Education and Lifelong Learning.

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  1. Welcome to UEA and the School of Education and Lifelong Learning

    We are very pleased you have decided to study with us. My colleagues and I look forward to working with you and to ensuring you have all the support you need to be successful in your studies.

    We hope you will enjoy being a student with us and that you will take full advantage of studying in a School which is a leading centre for research and teaching in education, both nationally and internationally. There will also be plenty of activities across the University as a whole in which to participate. This is an opportunity for you to grow, and to develop your knowledge and skills in relation to your chosen course. We trust this experience will enable you to graduate and enter employment, or continue on to postgraduate studies; or, if you are already a postgraduate student, to enter or re-enter employment and/or continue on to a research degree. If you are a research degree student, we look forward to helping you to break new ground in learning and education. You will meet many of my academic colleagues over the coming days and weeks – these include your personal adviser/supervisor with whom you can meet regularly to discuss your progress and needs.  

    On a personal note I wish you every success in all your endeavours for the coming year and look forward to the opportunity of meeting you in person soon.


    Professor Richard Andrews

    Head of School

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