The School of Economics proudly combines a reputation for internationally renowned research and unparalleled academic support to its students. Always pursuing a research-inspired approach, we are committed to offering an outstanding academic experience that provides a platform to fully explore the influence of economic analysis. We achieve strong results in teaching and research league tables, consistently accomplishing a top ten result in both. Our focus is not only on stimulating and nurturing the intellect, but also developing individual employability from the outset. We offer more than just an educational experience: Economics at UEA is a gateway to possibility.

The Schools of Study at UEA teach thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students each year across the four faculties of our campus in Norwich.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Economics.

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  1. Welcome to the School of Economics at UEA. I hope very much that you will enjoy your studies at the University of East Anglia and take every opportunity to further your knowledge and advance your future career.                                        

    We are an ambitious, research-oriented department, committed to excellence in teaching.  Student support and satisfaction are extremely important to us and we are a lively, close-knit community with friendly, approachable academic staff.  We are consistently ranked high in the NSS and in the 2016 National Student Survey we ranked first for academic support and second for overall student satisfaction.

    Please take time to look at the New Student website as you will find important information about the University and School of Economics and your induction. Further information you will need for your studies will be provided when you arrive.

    You will be assigned to an adviser who will be able to offer advice on academic and non-academic matters relating to your study at the university. You are encouraged to meet with them at the beginning of the Academic Year.

    I look forward to meeting you at the Head of School Welcome and, on behalf of the School of Economics I would like to take this opportunity of wishing you a stimulating and successful stay at UEA.


    Yours sincerely

    Dr Emiliya Lazarova                        

    Head of the School of Economics

Your course guide and school handbook can be downloaded from the links on the right. 

From the Global Financial Crisis, through the on-going Brexit negotiations, and on into US trade policy, economic events from recent years continue to create a great deal of uncertainty about the future shape of the UK, EU and global economies.

It does, however, make this an extremely exciting time to study economics at a diverse, outward looking university such as UEA, where you will soon be taught by economists from the UK, the EU and the rest of the world. You have made a good choice.

We also understand that you have a lot to think about in the coming weeks and hopefully these few paragraphs can provide a bit of reassurance about what you do (and don’t) need to do before you come to UEA in order to prepare yourself to study economics.

Firstly, and importantly, all we really need is for you to bring yourself, enthused about studying at university, and studying economics. Everything you need to know will be covered over the course of your degree.

The School does not expect you to have done any preparatory reading prior to the start of the semester, however you may find it useful to watch this MOOC as preparation for making the transition from school to university life:

However you may well want to start preparing. Since the Global Financial crisis, and even more so since the Brexit vote, economics is headline news. Start to pay a bit of attention to what is going on – perhaps BBC News, and if you want a bit more try an edition or two of The Economist (which you will have free digital access to as a UEA student in a few weeks anyway). This can help to enrich your degree by forming questions that your study with us will help answer.

On a more practical note we are aware that you might want to use the coming weeks to think about textbooks. The main thing to stress is there is plenty of time to source books when you get here. Typically some part of your first lecture on any of your modules will provide information about recommended reading, there is a Waterstone’s Bookshop on campus, and there is no need to have books before your first lectures.

You may want to have a look at the Norwich Economic Papers, a journal for students in the School of Economics. It provides an opportunity for ECO students to engage in, and publish, scholarly work in economics.

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