Students & Money: Never the twain shall meet?

By Hannah Armstrong

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Your two biggest costs at university are going to be your tuition fees and your accommodation. You probably already know whether you’re paying your fees directly or with a student loan, but this is the time to make sure everything is in order. Depending on how your fees are being paid, there may be different sections of the online registration form for you to fill out.

If you are staying in a UEA residence, you can also start thinking about whether you’d like to pay your accommodation fees in 9 equal instalments which will be collected by Direct Debit on the third day of the month between October and June or 3 Equal Instalments at the beginning of each semester to coincide with receipt of your Student Loan. Please note that all instalment plans are set where the whole invoice is split into equal instalments and do not represent a monthly or semester figure. If you are receiving a student loan, remember you could be here for up to a week before your loan hits your bank account. This is because you have to be fully enrolled before the loan can be paid. Make sure you have enough money set aside for your first few days at university.

Once your Student Loan application has been approved, you have fully completed registration and term has started, your registration will be confirmed with Student Finance. Once registration is confirmed you will receive your first payment within 3-5 working days. Please note only maintenance loans are paid directly to you; tuition fee loans are paid directly to UEA later in the academic year. You should be able to check the progress of your application through your online account and if you have any problems you can reach Student Finance England on 0300 100 06 07. Once you're a student with UEA, queries can be sent to or if you are an applicant.


Paying tuition fees with a student loan

Tuition Fee Loans are paid directly to the UEA in three installments throughout the year. The registration task should be pre-filled with these details but if they aren’t you will need to let finance know if you plan to use a fee loan. There will be an option to do this in the task.


Paying your tuition fees directly

If you are paying fees yourself, or a parent/guardian is paying them for you, you/they will need to complete the tuition fee section of the online registration. You/they can choose to pay in full, 9 installments by Direct Debit or 3 installments. If you’re paying the fees all at once, you have 28 days from the date of the invoice to make your payment. If paying by installments, the payment is due before or on the dates stated in the notifications that are sent. 


Paying your accommodation fees

We offer a number of different payment options, which can include a one off yearly payment, 3 termly installments or 9 ‘monthly’ installments. Many of you may be receiving funding from SFE, for which you can opt to pay your accommodation in 3 installments which coincide with your loan payments. However, if you are paying for your accommodation independently you may be better off paying over the 9 (approx. monthly) installments. You will need to set up a UK bank account for both receiving any student loan payments you are eligible for, but also to establish the Direct Debit payments to the university.

Scholarship or Sponsor

If you are in receipt of a scholarship or have a sponsor it should show up on your online registration task automatically. If it doesn't, press something is wrong, tell us (on the task) and let us know. It will then tell you to scan or bring your supporting documents to the Finance Enquiry Office.​ 



Students expecting a UEA Bursary due to low household income will be contacted by the UEA Bursaries office via their UEA e-mail account, once registered.



Managing your money is important, and something that we strongly recommend you think about before you arrive. This is what some of the experts think:



According to Which? Four in 10 first-years say they’d found managing money trickier than expected. Here are their tips for successful budgeting



“If you get loans and funding at the start of each term it can seem like a lot of money. But making it last across the year can be hard…”

UCAS student budgeting tips


UEA Student Support Service

If you’re worried about managing your money when you get here, you can always get support from the Student Support Service. 


UEA Students Union have also created this handy guide to Living on a Student Budget.

For more information please contact our Finance Office at: