This is Living

We know you’re wondering what life on campus, and in Norwich will be like in September. We’ve partnered with our students to show you.


This is Learning

The 2020 academic year is going to be a little bit different and you'll want to know what to expect. Watch this video to find out more.


This is 2020 Learning: What to expect

Watch our latest video to find out how we are preparing to welcome you in September. It has been an uncertain time, but some things haven't changed. No matter what, we are still determined to offer you the best of UEA's expertise.

Here are some tips on what to bring, living with your new flatmates, and some practical advice for living on campus.

Our general advice when packing would be to think of your stay in residences as an extended trip, and don't bring too much! Storage space is limited, both in your room and in the kitchen. Try not to bring expensive items, especially if you're going to store them in the kitchen.

Packing List 

There are four launderettes on campus for you to use. There is one at the heart of campus on The Street, one at The Village accommodation, one at the Medical Centre and one at Hickling and Barton accommodation. 

All of our launderettes use the Circuit Managed Laundry Systems and other universities use this company too. You will need to get a laundry card and then you can top this card up to pay for your washing and drying; there are prices depending on which type of wash and/or drying you wish to do. The best advice is pop into your nearest launderette on campus, purchase your card and plan around the prices stated when you visit.

If you are living on campus, you will collect your post from the Post Room, which is located under the Arts Building. Make sure to bring your campus card.  

Due to COVID-19 please check for the latest on opening times of the Post Room and alternative arrangements in the case of closure.

For more and help with your campus address visit the Post Room or contact them by

Good Communication 

Having a good open line of communication with your flat/house mates makes life a whole lot easier. So when you need to discuss something about the flat/house or their behaviour it will not be difficult. It can also help when you need to talk to someone about something. 

Before you move in or just after, have a meeting to discuss rules, everyone's likes, dislikes and expectations, how you will handle problems when they arise, and how to avoid confrontations and social rules. 

Talk about meals and food, shopping, rent and bills, shower schedules, cleaning and other household responsibilities. Have monthly meetings as a house/flat to talk about any issues. It will also be a great way to plan other activities and bond as a group. 

Most important, make sure you are open to communicating with others. Listen to others and also talk to them if there is a problem. Often talking about a problem early on before it becomes a big deal will save you a lot of stress. 

Be Responsible 

Respect others and shared space. If you make a mess, make sure you clean it up—even if it is the next day. Make sure it is clean, and let others know you will clean it up tomorrow. Being respectful of others is key to living together happily. Whether it is noise and music, having people over, eating others' food, or taking your turn to clean, if you do what you are responsible for, others are more likely to be responsible too. 

Here are a few tips to help 

  • Have a cleaning rota. If someone does not do their turn, have a penalty like cooking a meal for everyone. 

  • When someone does not do their fair share of washing up, try doing just yours and if it is still there after 24 hours, ask them nicely to wash their dishes. 

  • Do not make a lot of noise late at night or early in the morning so you do not disturb the others living with you. 

  • Arrange group activities such as house/flat meals, film nights or nights out together. 

  • Respect your house/flat mates’ life choices. You may have the right to challenge them on their living habits but not on their beliefs or sexuality. 

  • Respect others’ privacy. Always knock before entering their rooms and do not interfere in their personal lives. 

  • If you are living in the private rented sector, set up a joint account from which bill can be paid from. Then have all housemates set up a standing order or transfer into this account so it is not one person’s responsibility to collect money for the bills. 

Emails and Timetables

When you register online you will receive your UEA email address. 

To set your student email up, take a look at our webpage which has detailed instructions for the different operating systems.

You can also push your timetable onto an app native to your device

N.B. - The My Schedule timetable on this app is not the same as your UEA timetable. 

UEA supports and promotes sustainable travel options whilst continuing to support its day-to-day parking needs.  

Here are some top tips for cheap green travel. 

  1. Find out more about cycling at UEA (including our bike parking map

  2. Find out about discounts and season tickets on public transport

  3. Get cycle-sorted with Dr Bike at UEA! Buy a secondhand bike, get a free health check on your bike, and affordable repair costs and great tips

  4. If you have to drive, find out more about car travel 


The University's Transport team provides information and guidance on the best ways to travel to and from UEA.  Go to their travel and transport pages for the latest information.


Get Walking or Cycling  

Walking or cycling to campus for lectures is a much better way to travel if you live close enough. It also helps to keep you fit, clear your head, and energise you for the day. Pushing Ahead is an initiative which aims to promote, educate and get more people to walk and/or cycle more, instead of driving or getting the bus. Find local walking and cycling information, journey planning, newsletters and safety advice from the Pushing Ahead Initiative.  


If you are studying at UEA for more than six months, you need to register with a doctor.  To register with the University Medical Centre on campus you can register online -  details of how to do this can be found on their website.

If you choose not to use the University Medical Centre, you still need to register with a doctor nearby. Please get in touch with your preferred practice now and find out how to register. And don’t forget to give the name and address of your new doctor to the University Medical Centre in case of emergencies. 

UEA Medical Services 



The UEA plays host to the £30 million Sportspark, the biggest indoor sports centre in Britain. It features the tallest indoor climbing wall, state of the art Olympic sized swimming pool, athletics track and gym, as well as an extensive range of activities including yoga and archery. 

If you are a full-time student, you can apply for an educational membership for as little as £10 a year.  

For more information, consult the Sportspark’s membership page.


Personal Safety is important to us. Generally Norwich is a safe city, but as with any city it is important that you are aware of the potential for crime and take your personal safety seriously. 

Keeping safe both on and off campus 

Useful telephone numbers:  

  • Norfolk Police (non-emergency) - 101  
  • UEA Security (open 24 hours a day) - 01603 592352  
  • Emergency numbers: Police, Fire & Ambulance - 999  
  • UEA Security Emergency - 01603 592222


Report and Support is an online tool that allows you to request and access support if you’ve been affected by any issues relating to harassment, assault, abuse or bullying of any kind, and also allows students to report any such incidents directly to the University. It also contains information on sources of support both at UEA and beyond, as well as campaigns run by the Students’ Union.


Your safety and wellbeing is our highest priority, so we’ve been putting in additional measures across campus. Hand sanitiser will be provided at the entrance to all buildings and circulation routes, we’ve introduced one-way walking systems for all buildings and walkways and there’s clear labelling on floors to remind people of social distancing.

For advice, guidance and FAQs relating to COVID-19, including information on what you need to do if you think you have symptoms, please see our dedicated webpage.



8pm-8am term time and exam period

Confidential. Anonymous. Supportive. Whatever is on your mind, talk to Nightline. 

Nightline is run for students, by students, and you can talk to us about anything you like. Often people feel that what they’re experiencing isn’t serious or important enough to talk to someone about, but Nightline is here for you no matter what is going on. If it’s on your mind, we want to hear about it. We are a confidential and anonymous organisation so whatever you tell us stays within the organisation.  

Phone: 01603 597158 


Text: 07794924366 

Email - 

Drop-in: We are located in the Student Support Centre. Use the side door at the end of the building and ring the doorbell. 

Skype - norwichnightline 


Live like a local!  

Norwich is a vibrant cultural city with lots to offer. In this map, we highlight some local places to socialise, eat, drink, as well as speciality grocery shops and main supermarkets. 

Starting out in your first year at UEA, careers and employability are probably the last thing you’re thinking about. But it’s never too early to get involved with the Careers Service and make the most of the opportunities they have available.

Need some extra cash to tide you over until the next loan payment? Want to use your free time to develop your skills while earning money? CareerCentral are here to help you find a part-time job. The MyCareerCentral job search is a great place to start and you’ll find jobs both in the city and on campus. Sign up to their jobs bulletin and you’ll get the latest vacancies emailed directly to your inbox.

This year, you have a unique opportunity to attend the Recruitment and Opportunities Virtual Fair where lots of employers and volunteering organisations will be attending to talk about their company. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people while developing skills and gaining experience.

The fair is just one of many events that CareerCentral run throughout the year including employer panels, school based events and skills workshops. Visit the Events and Workshops tab on MyCareerCentral to sign up.

These are just some of the ways you can get involved with CareerCentral – check out this short video to find out more.


UEA Music Centre is the musical heart of campus. Musicians of all sorts are welcome - it doesn’t matter what your degree subject is or what kind of music you make, the Music Centre will help you to find what you need. They run choirs and an orchestra and organise major concerts and occasional tours. They also support student ensembles in planning, rehearsing and performing, provide practice room facilities, offer scholarships and help students to find vocal and instrumental teachers.