Industrial Revelation

Research from the School of History challenges previous accounts of the social impact of one of the most critical periods in British history. Professor Emma Griffin’s research shows for the first time how the Industrial Revolution raised incomes, improved literacy and offered exciting opportunities for political action.

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  1. It is a very great pleasure to welcome you all to Norwich in your first week as students in the School of History.  You have all worked hard to get here and we hope you like everything about being a student at UEA.  We have a passion for our subject and want you to really benefit from lectures, seminars, facilities and public events at the University.  All of us made lifelong friends when we were students and we hope you will do the same.  Your teachers at UEA are some of the best scholars in their subject in the world, and they are looking forward to meeting you in class. The curriculum at UEA is led by our research and we add new modules every year.  We hope you will be able to study the subjects that already fascinate you and cultivate some new interests as well.  Work hard, enjoy your time at the University and reap all the benefits of being here.


    Dr Matthias Neumann, Head of School

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The following recommendations for summer reading do not in any way constitute a compulsory bibliography for your first-year modules. We simply asked members of the School to recommend any book – scholarly or popular – that has inspired their study of the past, transformed or challenged their own ideas, or captured their imaginations at an impressionable age. Below are their selections and explanations. You can read some, all, or none of their choices: it is your intellectual journey, after all. But reading is all. It is not only essential to getting the most out of your history degree; it will empower and enthral you for the rest of your life. As Frederick Douglass (1818–1895), the escaped slave and abolitionist, put it: ‘once you learn to read, you will be forever free’. 

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