Environmental Sciences

The School of Environmental Sciences is one of the longest established, largest and most fully developed Schools of Environmental Sciences in Europe. Our holistic approach to teaching and research, integrating physical, chemical, biological, social and geotechnical sciences into the study of natural and human environments, is truly a modern philosophy for the new millennium.



Our strong Geography offering is focused around an interdisciplinary approach and research-led teaching. This ensures we are always at the forefront of the discipline and can teach using relevant, contemporary examples.

  1. We are looking forward to you joining the School of Environmental Sciences (ENV) in 2020. We view our relationship with you as a partnership, and we will do our best to give you the highest quality education and impart the excitement of our cutting-edge research.  

    Wherever you are in the world, you are joining a team that is friendly and academically engaged. We will support you to enjoy everything we have to offer, socially and academically. 

    My own research interests are in the impact of land use on catchment surface water and groundwater chemistry. I very much look forward to welcoming you in September and seeing where your own interests take you in the future. After all, I am a graduate of ENV myself! 

    For now, joining your school student society is a great way to meet people from your course. Start your UEA Environmental Sciences journey by connecting with them on  

    Env Soc 

    You will also find many of our staff on their social media accounts, but you can connect with the School on:


    With best wishes, 

    Professor Kevin Hiscock 

    Head of School, School of Environmental Sciences