Biological Sciences

The School of Biological Sciences is a vibrant and friendly academic community firmly embedded in the internationally renowned Norwich Research Park. It boasts extensive state-of-the-art research facilities as well as modern teaching laboratories.

  1. Congratulations on joining the School of Biological Sciences. You have made an excellent choice!  

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in September, wherever you are in the world. We will provide you with a supportive learning environment and you will be encouraged to enjoy everything we have to offer, socially and academically. You will be taught by experienced and knowledgeable biologists, who are committed to providing you with a truly outstanding education.  

    Joining your school student society is a great way to meet people from your course while expanding your knowledge. Start your University life now by connecting with them on the BioSoc facebook page  

    You will also find many of our staff on social media accounts but for now can connect with the School on:  

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    • Our twitter @biouea 
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    As I think about when I started my own scientific career, I look back with excitement at this time for you. My own research now involves molecular biology of plants, specifically how tiny non-coding RNA molecules regulate the expression of protein coding genes. I look forward to seeing where your own interests take you in the future. 


    Professor Tamas Dalmay

    Head of School, Biological Sciences