Film, Television and Media

Our students are provided with the option to study a range of topics, from science fiction cinema to television comedy, animation to popular music. Our courses are taught by scholars with a reputation for world-leading research – as well as by creative practitioners who have made award-winning BBC documentaries and written scripts for Hollywood movies.

The Schools of Study at UEA teach thousands of undergraduate and postgraduate students each year across the four faculties of our campus in Norwich.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you to Art, Media and American Studies.

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  1. Welcome to the School of Art, Media and American Studies.

    I know how hard you have worked to get to UEA, and I hope you are as excited about starting your academic career at this University as we are about meeting and working with you.

    We bring together world leading expertise in visual arts, in film, television and media studies, and in the culture, literature, and history of the United States of America. Our student community has a wealth of interests that encompass these subject areas and cross intellectual boundaries.

    You’ll enjoy a vibrant student experience whether you’re in the heart of the University campus, or using the unique facilities of our Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts – the international art museum on your doorstep – or venturing overseas for a semester or year studying at one of our partner Universities.

    I hope that you will find a School that is friendly and supportive as well as one that provides an intellectually stimulating learning environment, and ultimately provides you with a platform for your future career.


    Dr Malcolm McLaughlin

    Head of School

In addition to your School and discipline specific events, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has developed a programme of welcome events called I ♥ Arts & Humanities. These events are a great way to get to know the Faculty and meet people who share your passion. They appear on your online timetable marked 'I ♥ Arts & Humanities' and are listed in the induction programme section.

Once you receive an email confirming your place, follow the link in it to register online and set up your IT account, UEA username and password. You will need your UEA username and password to get access to the I ♥ Arts & Humanities Blackboard site. The site is full of information to help you get to know UEA, develop your study skills, find opportunities and events.

More information on registering online is available here. Once you have your details, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to
  • Select BLACKBOARD from the 3 orange buttons towards the top of the screen
  • Type in your UEA username and password, and select Sign In
  • At the top right of the screen select I Arts & Humanities



In this section you will find reading lists and videos to help you get started on your course

On your right are some reading lists from your School.


Arriving at UEA is an excellent time to like, follow, pin, love and more. 

  1. AmericanStudies Keep up to date with all that's going on at UEA


  2. FTM_UEA Department of Film, Television & Media Studies UEA: combining one of the UK's longest established Film & TV departments with a strong history in media research.


  3. ART_UEA Department of Art History & World Art Studies. Based in Norman Foster's world-famous Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on the UEA campus


  4. UeaArtSoc A society for all things arty and creative, running sessions every Thursday. We cover a range of artistic disciplines and welcome all, regardless of skill set.


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