Reporting incidents and data privacy notice Reporting incidents and data privacy notice

Report it - reporting form

Reporting Incidents 

  • All reports will be treated confidentially.
  • We will only act with the Reporter's permission
  • Support and advice will be offered so the Reporter can make an informed decision

The report form is intended to be used to gather information on incidents of assault, harassment and hate that is experienced by Students, staff and visitors at the UEA.  These include incidents experienced by students off campus.

The information will be used to offer support, guidance and identify preventative measure to reduce incidents. You can choose not to provide identifying information, however if you do, we will not be able to offer any support or guidance.   

If you require immediate assistance, then please contact 

  • On campus: Security                               01603 592352        Off campus: Police 999
  • Students:     Student Support Services   01603 592761
  • Staff:            Human Resources              01603 593034

Data Privacy Notice

I understand the following:

  • The UEA will hold this information
  • We will hold the information that you have provided on the form. This could include: name, identification number, contact details and details of the incident including date, location and description.
  • For those that give their personal details, this information will be used to offer support and guidance.  
  • If personal details for the Reporter is given, they will be sent onto Student Support Services (Students) or Human Resources (Staff & Visitors).  Relevant personnel will contact the Reporter to offer support and guidance.
  • Anonymous data will be collated to identify areas of concern and investigate possible preventative action.  This includes sharing anonymous data with external agencies such as the police.
  • Data relating to students will be passed to Student's Support Services and data relating to staff and visitors will be passed to Human Resources. Data will be retained in line with their record retention policy.
  • Personal Data will be destroyed in accordance with the UEA policy.
  • You have the right to complain about how your data is being held and can request what data is kept about you, through a Data Access Request.
  • You have the right to withdraw your consent at anytime.  If you wish to withdraw your information, please contact:

Student Support Services: 01603 592761

Human Resources:            01603 593034

Unfortunately, anonymous data cannot be deleted

How to find out how the university uses your personal details: please see the UEA Data Protection information webpages.