Multifaith members Multifaith members

The Multifaith Centre Team has full time and part time members, available at different times during the week.  There is always at least one member available to talk with you.

UEA Multifaith Centre:  Tel 01603 592168

The Multifaith Centre team are always glad to meet students and staff socially and pastorally. The Chaplains offer everyone a sympathetic ear in total confidence.  To contact a specific Chaplain, please see  Faith Groups for contact details.

UEA Chaplains

Free Church (Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed): Deacon Jennifer Woodfin

Buddhist: Alokadhara Haworth

Catholic: Fr Padraig Hawkins; Rev Andrew Eburne 

Church of England (Anglican): Rev Darren Thornton

Hindu: For details, see Hindu Faith Group page

Jewish: Daniel Rosenthal

Muslim: Masoud Gadir

Orthodox - Coptic: Fr Shishoy El-Antony

Orthodox - Eastern: Fr Julian Sadowski

Quakers (Society of Friends): Peter Belton BSc PhD CSci FIFST

The following members of the Team are usually available at different times during the week in the Multifaith Centre building on campus:


Andrew Eburne

Andrew EburneMonday 8.30am-4pm

Thursday 1pm-8pm

Sunday 4pm-8pm


Darren Thornton

Rev Darren ThorntonTuesday 1pm-4pm

Wednesday 10am-4pm

Thursday 10am-4pm


Jennifer Woodfin

Monday 10am-4pmJennifer Woodfin

Tuesday 10am-4pm

Thursday 2pm-4pm