Greetings from the Quaker Chaplain at UEA, Peter Belton Greetings from the Quaker Chaplain at UEA, Peter Belton

The Quakers at UEA warmly welcome you to discover the quiet simplicity of a Meeting for Worship - see below.

Quakers believe that all people can have direct experience of God. We find that in our Meetings for Worship we can meet with God in silence. We can be empowered by this experience to find peace and  strength for our work in the world.  In a Meeting for Worship we do not recite creeds, sing hymns or say set prayers. There is no ceremony, no pre-arranged service at all.

Quaker Meetings for Worship

The Quakers meet Tuesdays during term time at 13.15h 13.45h in the Centre Quiet Room (on the first floor - look for the sign on the door). Simply come in and sit where you like.

A Quaker Meeting is based on silence, but it is a silence of waiting in expectancy. All of us are trying to come nearer to each other, and to God, as we are caught up in the still spirit of the meeting.

You may find it easy to relax in the silence, and thus enter into the life of the meeting, or you may be disturbed by the strangeness of the silence, by distractions outside or by you own roving thoughts. Do not worry about this but return again to the still centre of your being, where you can know the presence of God.  The silence will be broken when someone present feels a need to say something which will deepen and enrich the experience of worship. Anyone is free to speak, pray or read, provided that it is done in response to a prompting of the Spirit which comes in the course of the meeting. The silence is broken for a moment, but it is not interrupted.


Prof. Peter Belton, appointed by the Norfolk and Waveney Area Meeting as representative at UEA.

Peter is a member of UEA's Multifaith Centre Team.

Telephone +44 (0) 1603 593984, but it might be better to send an email, as Peter is retired and not always around.


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