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Father Sishoy

The Coptic Church is represented at UEA by Father Shishoy El-Antony.  Father Shishoy maintains contact with UEA Coptic students and staff. His contact details can be found below.


The Coptic Orthodox Christian Mass is celebrated every Sunday from 09.30h – 12.30h at St Athanasius Church on Marlingford Road, between the villages of Easton and Marlingford, 5 miles to the West of Norwich.  Please contact Father Shishoy for transport details to Mass.

Father Shishoy El-Antony: Tel. 01603 881646, mob 07813 558089

Coptic Church at MarlingfordAbout the Coptic Church

The Coptic Church dates back to the year 40AD and was founded by St Mark the Evangelist in the city of Alexandria in Egypt.  One of the first and greatest leaders of the Coptic faith was St Athanathsius.  There has been very little change in the ritual or doctrine of the church since the early days.  The Orthodox Christians of Egypt, Sudan, Armenia, parts of Syria, India and Ethiopia are the main followers of the creed of the Coptic Orthodox Church. There are communities of Copts all over the world and many new communities are still forming, particularly in Africa.

Images: Father Shishoy, the Coptic Church at Marlingford