Greetings from the Buddhist students at UEA Greetings from the Buddhist students at UEA

  • Image of BuddhaThe UEA Buddhist Chaplain is Alokadhara (Robert Haworth). He is leading a meditation session on Mondays in term time from 1:05 - 2 pm upstairs in the Multifaith Centre. His e-mail is
  • The Student Union Buddhist Society can be contacted via Alokadhara.

The Buddhist Society also organise talks about Buddhism throughout the year.  There is a collection of books about Buddhism in the Multifaith Centre which students are welcome to borrow.


For the Buddhist chaplain: see above. The Student Union Buddhist Society representative is Suprateeka Talukeer, email:

The Society can also be contacted via the UEA Student Union.

About Buddhism

Buddhism is a spiritual tradition which arose in India about two thousand five hundred years ago.  If we look in a dictionary we will find Buddhism classed as a world religion, however Buddhism is different from other world religions because it does not have a creator God. Buddhism was founded by a man called Gautama Siddhartha who whilst in India studied meditation under different meditation masters. He eventually abandoned the practices of these master and began searching for the real nature of reality and the truth of why, we are born, suffer, and die. Siddhartha continued to meditate and one day came to rest under the Bodhi tree and vowed not to move until he had attained enlightenment, that night Siddhartha attained enlightenment, and became the Buddha.

At the Buddhist Society we do regular meditations and group talks on the teachings of the Buddha.  We are open to staff and students and anyone of any particular faith can come and join in, you don't necessarily have to be a Buddhist to practise meditation or to have an interest in Buddhist philosophy, so if you are interested come along and give it a try.

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Norwich Buddhist Centre, 14 Bank Street Norwich NR2 4SE.  Tel. 01603 627034