Centre for the UEA community Centre for the UEA community

The UEA Multifaith Centre is a spiritual meeting place and community centre on campus; in term time it is open to all UEA staff and students from Monday to Friday 10 am to 4 pm, and for 6 pm Mass on Sunday evenings.  We provide a welcome to all students and staff. 

Every member of the UEA community is welcome to use the facilities and to attend the various organised events.  Please feel free to introduce yourself to any of the Chaplains, at least one of whom will always be around in the day during term time.

Whether you wish to pray, sit in peace and safety, meditate or simply be still, you are welcome to use one of the upstairs rooms when we are around.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, respectful environment where belief is not a prerequisite for inclusion.

Tea and coffee are always available from our kitchen all day Monday-Friday, for a small donation.

We have a comfortable Common Room, large Worship Room for groups to pray, worship or meditate together and 2 Quiet Rooms for individual quiet time.