Zones to meet the study needs of all Zones to meet the study needs of all

We have introduced zones where different activities are permitted in some areas. Please choose the zone that best meets your study needs. Most of the Library study areas are for silent study

Locations of the zones in the Library Building can be seen on the Floor guide and floor plans both on this site and in the stairwells.

Policies on noise and food and drink in the Library can be found in our Library rules

Library noise line: If you are being disturbed in the Library TEXT the Library noise line 07824301748 with details of your location and staff will do their best to help. 

Find your study space

Floors 0 &1

  • Group work areas
  • Silent study areas
  • Drinks with lids
  • Cold snacks only

Silent Study all other floors

  • Noise free
  • Drinks with lids
  • No food

Please eat hot food outside the Library

Thank you for helping to create a pleasant study environment

by disposing of litter in the bins provided



Silent Study Zone - the area for those who wish to work with no disturbance


Silent studyIndividual silent study only

Talking is not allowed

Mobiles switched to silent please and personal music players are not allowed


Group Study Zone - the area for those who wish to work together


Talking and discussion is allowed, but please keep the noise level down

Mobiles switched to silent please

Personal music is allowed but please use headphones and keep the volume down


Phone Zone - the area for those who need to use their mobile phone

You can use your mobile phone here for QUIET conversations, without disturbing others