Information for academic staff Information for academic staff

The introduction of a new Library System means that we’ve been able to make some changes to the way that books and other items are loaned.

Updated borrowing policies:

  • Staff and PGRs now able to borrow up to 30 books or other items
  • Previous 3 return dates per year, are replaced by automatic renewals - just bring the item back when you’ve finished with it.
  • Although all items will be renewed automatically – this won’t happen if the item is requested by someone else
  • Action is only required when you receive email notification from Library asking you to bring the requested item back.

Vacation loans:

  • Vacation loans will continue to apply to all normal loan items, during Christmas, Easter and Summer vacation periods
  • items will be due back during 1st week following vacation
  • items will not be subject to recall
  • If you need a book that is out on loan, we’ll try our best to get you a copy – please contact Library Helpdesk on or by phone on 01603 592993 (ext. 2993)

Loan Lengths:

  • Simplification of loan lengths mean we now have 2 loan lengths:
    • 7 days for all normal loans
    • 3 days for high demand items.
    • Some items are still reference copies for use in the Library.
  • Automatic renewals mean that regardless of loan length, the item is effectively on loan “indefinitely” – unless requested by another user.

Fines and overdues:

  • We No longer charging punitive fines on overdue items for all users, including all students.
  • Loaned items will automatically renew - unless someone places a request on an item.
  • However, if requested by another user, you will receive an email telling you which item you need to return
  • You will have up to three days to do this (enabling the requestor a chance to read the book)
  • If for whatever reason you are unable to return the book in this time (for example you are away from campus or have extenuating circumstances), contact the Library Helpdesk as soon as possible at or phone 01603 592993, and we will try and find a solution. 
  • If you don’t return the item in the three days, your account will automatically block which will prevent you from borrowing anything else, and your other loans from renewing until you have returned the requested item.
  • If after a further five days, you have still not returned the item and we have not heard from you, you will be invoiced for the replacement cost, plus a £5 non-refundable processing charge.

Copy out on loan: for your reading

  • A new ‘request’ scheme to ensure more people get to use the most popular books.
  • We’re recommending the following approach: 

Take Action: if you NEED it request it, if you don’t NEED it return it.


  • As before, if a book is available as an eBook the library will get the eBook. It is now easier to see where we have eBook versions as these are shown on Library Search alongside the print version.

Copy not available: for your research

The options for getting access to material not available from UEA Library remain unchanged. 


Copy not available: for your students