SciFinder Scholar introduction SciFinder Scholar introduction

SciFinder is one of the premier sources of chemical and biochemical information, incorporating the complete Chemical Abstracts database.

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SciFinder provides easy searching of the following scientific databases:

CAplus (Chemical Abstracts plus), the world's most comprehensive bibliographic database of chemical literature (covers over 9,000 journals) from 1907 onwards covering all aspects of chemistry and chemistry related subjects including pharmacy, biochemistry, environmental sciences, biology, chemical engineering.
CAS Registry, information on more than 64 million substances searchable by name, molecular formula, structure or substructure.
CASREACT, reaction information for millions of single and multiple reactions and also patents.
CHEMCATS, providing information on chemical suppliers.
CHEMLIST, containing regulatory information for chemical substances.
MEDLINE, containing medical and biomedical references from 1958. The database can be searched by: research topic, chemical name / structure / formula / reaction, author, specific reference.

SciFinder is a particularly useful tool for researchers in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biology and Environmental Sciences.

How to access Scifinder Scholar How to access Scifinder Scholar


In order to access SciFinder you will need to register first. Go to the web address listed here and then create a username and password for access to the software via the web.

Online tutorials are available.