Interdisciplinary Research Space Interdisciplinary Research Space

About the Space

The Interdisciplinary Research Space is an open, shared research space, where ideas and projects develop through collaboration. Comfy chairs and views across the Broad provide the ideal spot for reflective conversations with colleagues, while the ‘big screen’, white boards, and PC stations are available to share research and work up ideas. This is a pilot initiative running to end August 2020 when usage will be reviewed.

You can find the Space on Floor 1 of the Library.

Who is the Space for

The Space is for Staff and Postgraduate Students to use for research-related activities and events, as well as for those running collaborative research activities with/for these groups.

Please direct those looking for group study spaces, teaching spaces, or for meeting/ interview rooms to other facilities.

How to use the Space

The open plan Space is designed to be used in different ways depending on the type of collaborative activity. You can drop in for a chat over coffee with a few colleagues, or use one of three group working spaces (each has capacity for up to 6-8 per group). You can also use the whole space, which has capacity for up to 26 people. Movable furniture and white boards provide flexibility to create a space that works for your activity.

Booking the Space

The Space is bookable and we are encouraging bookings for activities where you want to guarantee access to the facilities you need. Bookings include use of the ‘big screen’ and as many chairs and tables as you require. In the spirit of collaboration and interdisciplinary working, booked events will be open access (except in special circumstances). Other researchers are free to attend your event, or, if you are hosting a smaller activity, to respectfully use the other facilities.

Bookings for regular events, and bookings which are not clearly research-related may be referred to the Library Management Team for a decision. This is in order to ensure that the space meets a variety of different research needs and that there are still opportunities for ad-hoc collaborative activities. For more details on how to book see one-drive calendar which contains booking information.

Access to the Space

Access is via your campus card allowing entry for Staff and Research Postgraduate Students only. Others (e.g. UG and PGT students) are allowed access by invitation from Staff and PGRs.


Library Users who have access to the Interdisciplinary Research Space will be able to use the Kitchen for drinks/ washing up - sink, water cooler and kettle.

You will need your own mugs, but teaspoons and washing up liquid etc will be available.