Self-service heat binding is available in the Library Self-service heat binding is available in the Library

What is heat binding?

The "Resin Steel binding" system binds documents of up to 340 pages with little effort or time.  The heating plate starts up fully automatically, needs no warm-up time and can bind several documents simultaneously. The steel spine at the back of the cover allows the paper edges to completely sink into the heated resin. The result is a super strong permanent binding. By reheating a bound document, editing pages can be done quickly and easily.

Where and when can I use the heat binding?

The heat binding machines are on Floor 0 in the Printing, Copying, and Binding Area, operating on a self-service basis at all times. Binding covers can be bought from the Library helpdesk during service hours.

How much will it cost?

Binding covers cost £2 each (card payments only), regardless of the thickness of the document you want to bind. There are then no further costs involved in this process.

How do I use the equipment?

Having purchased your binding covers from the Library Helpdesk you can quickly and easily bind your document using the heat binding equipment. Instructions are available next to the equipment as well as here. Heat binding instructions

How do I bind larger documents?

Documents of more than 340 pages cannot be bound using the heat binding system.  Library staff can comb-bind documents of 340 - 500 pages only during Helpdesk opening hours.  You must allow 24 hours (Monday - Friday) for this work.  There is a cost of £4 for each bound document (card payments only).  Ask at the Library helpdesk for further information.

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