We have a wide range of different study spaces to meet different needs We have a wide range of different study spaces to meet different needs

PLEASE NOTE: Following the Prime Minister’s announcement regarding further measures in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, UEA’s Library building is now closed.

The Digital Library and helpdesk services remain available online.  Further information


The library aims to provide a mix of study spaces to suit a wide range of needs. There are open study areas on each floor of the building and most of the building is for silent study. However, we have areas which are designated as group study zones where quiet conversation is permitted for those wanting to work together. 

There are 369 PCs available in the Library building. The majority of these are located in the two PC suites on Floors 0 and 1, but there are PCs on every floor. There are also some bookable individual study rooms with PCs. 

There are bookable study spaces - individual for those wanting not to be disturbed and group rooms for those needing to have discussions. Some group rooms have film viewing facilities. 

There are two Study Rooms for Postgraduate Students on Floor 2 of the Library. One room is for Research Postgraduates and the other is for Taught Postgraduates. These rooms have campus card access.

There are sit/stand workstations located on all floors. These powered height adjustable desks with an operating switch are ideal for sit/stand working and for wheelchair users. The locations of these workstations are provided on our floor plans. Floor plans can be viewed as you exit the stairs or lifts on each floor.

Lockers and photocopying, printing and binding facilities are available to users.

IT Service Desk staff are able to provide further information about  IT Areas and printing and photocopying facilities. 

Library Helpdesk staff are able to provide further guidance relating to all our other facilities. 

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