How well is the Library performing? How well is the Library performing?

The Library has set the following Key Indicators in order to measure how we are performing and  are making the results publicly available here.

KPI results 2015-16
KPI results 2016-17


Area KPI
Re-shelving of returned books We will have 50% of books on loan returned to shelf within one working day
E-resource availability Our Library search and discovery service (EDS) and related services will be available 97% of the time.
Web pages (links to resources and services) Our Library web pages will be available 97% of the time. 
Book orders 85% of "in print" orders will be received in the Library building within 4 weeks of order being placed.
New books to shelves We will aim to have 90% of all new books to the shelves within 5 working days of receipt into Library building. 
Urgent new Book requests including ebooks We will have 80% of urgently requested books received into the Library building within 2 weeks of ordering. 
Bookable study facilities 95% of study facility booking requests will be processed within 24 hours of receipt.
Building opening hours The Library will aim to be open 100% of advertised opening hours
Availability of stand-alone networked pcs We will have at least 90% of PCs operational at any one time.
Interlending  We will have all requests checked and if available from another Library, placed with a supplier within two working days.
CLA compliant digital copies of library material for inclusion in University VLE We will fulfil 80% of eligible digitisation requests within five working days.
Student liaison We will attend a minimum of one Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) per School per year. 
Information skills teaching We aim for 80% positive satisfaction (very good, good or satisfactory) on feedback received from timetabled teaching sessions and drop-in sessions (45 mins+).
Library services and facilities for those with additional needs We aim for 95% availability of access to a fetch and carry service (to front desk), 24/7.
  90% of requests for reasonable library-related adjustments will be processed within 5 working days of receipt from the Student Support Service.
Comments & Suggestions We will acknowledge all comments received via comment card or email within 5 working days. 
Noiseline 90% of texts to the Library noise line will be acted upon within 10 mins, 24/7.