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Current situation with the Interlending Service during Library Closed Period. 

We are trying to maintain an interlending service during the time the Library is closed and requests can continue to be made using the usual request form.

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What we may be able to supply:

Digital copies of journal articles where other libraries hold them digitally.

Digital copies of book chapters where other libraries hold them digitally.

E-books if we are able to purchase them. Please note: not everything available as an ebook on Amazon or via the Norfolk public library's Overdrive service is available for academic libraries to buy.


What we are not able to supply:

We are not able to borrow books from other libraries. 

We are not able to supply copies of journal articles or book chapters in cases where libraries only have the title in print.


Return of books and overdue items:

If your account is still current you can keep interlending books until the library re-opens.  You will not be fined for any overdue items as libraries are doing a blanket renewal of all their books on loan to other universities.

It is possible to return books to UEA Library using the returns box outside of the building.  If you do return a book in the returns box there will be a short delay in it being taken off your account. 

There is now a free postal service for final year students. If you have completed your studies, are due to complete before the end of September 2020, have withdrawn from study, or have an expired Library account for any other reason, you can use this service. Find out more.



If you have any questions we will still be available to answer email enquiries at


What is Interlending?

If you need access to any documents not available in UEA Library or available to us electronically  via our subscriptions then the Interlending Service will try to help you to access what you need as quickly as possible.

This might include:

  • Borrowing items on your behalf from another Library
  • Supplying journal articles or chapters of books in electronic format or as photocopies.
  • Acquiring books or electronic books from Ebook Central or other sources.
  • We will also provide advice on how to access resources that we do have already available but you have had problems finding or downloading. 


Who can use the service?

The service is available to: 

University Academic Staff

Postgraduate Students
Authorisation is required for postgraduate students by the following schools: AMA, BIO, CHE, ENV,  HSC, IIH, LAW,  MTH, PPL

Undergraduate Students 
Authorisation is required by all schools.

We will contact the lecturer you name in your request via email for them to confirm their approval. 

The service is NOT available to external borrowers.

Researchers can choose to use a research grant to pay for interlending requests. There is a box for research grant numbers to be added.


To make an interlending request you need to:

1. Go to the Library Portal Home Page and select 'VIEW YOUR ACCOUNT.' 

2. Login via the ziggurat page.

3. Go to the REQUESTED tab and click on CREATE REQUEST. You will then have the option to request a book, journal article or book chapter.


Keeping track of your requests

The REQUESTED tab displays all the requests you have made via Interlending since 17 December 2019. It enables you to keep track of progress with live requests and review past ones. 

In the REQUESTED tab the main statuses are:

Submitted - these are new requests that have not yet been supplied.

In transit - An item a library has agreed to supply and it is on the way to us.

Available to view - An article/ book chapter is available to download. 

Due __/__/__ The item has arrived or is on loan to you and is due back on this date. 

Complete - The item has been supplied.

Cancelled  - The request has been cancelled.

As well as viewing the status of you request in your account , you will also receive notifications from us via email updating you on progress.

To cancel a request, select the tick box beside the item and click CANCEL REQUEST. Please note that items cannot be cancelled if they are already in transit to us.


Alternative ways to make requests

The easiest way of making a request if you know the details of the item is to use the CREATE REQUEST option in your account or at the top of this page. 

However, when searching for items you may also come across links inviting you to make an interlending request.

Library Search “Search Everything” -  if you choose to unselect Available via UEA Library you will be searching more widely and when articles are not available to UEA staff and students there will be an option to "REQUEST THROUGH INTERLIBRARY LOAN". The link will take you to a partially completed interlending request form.

Books+  - if you choose to search Libraries worldwide you will again be asked if you want to "Request an item through interlibrary Loan" and the link will take you to a partially completed interlending request form. 

Library Access Tool  - you will also sometimes have an invitation to "MAKE INTERLENDING REQUEST" and, again, you will be taken to a partially completed request form.


UEA Library Interlending Policy 2019-20

Frequently asked quesions Frequently asked quesions

What happens next after I have made a request?

We will try and find a library to supply the item you have requested or might consider other options such as purchasing it. Your Library Account request tab will keep you informed on progress. When a book is available to collect you will receive an email informing you. When an article is supplied it will be made available via your account. You will also receive an email. 

Can I renew a book borrowed from another Library?

You may be able to renew a book but you need to contact interlending staff ( We will contact the lending institution and will then inform you of the outcome including your new due date if the renewal has been agreed. If a renewal is not possible you will need to return the item but can then request it again if needed. 

Who in my department can authorise my requests?

Any member of academic staff can authorise your request. It is normally the person who teaches the module that you need the interlending item for or your personal adviser. 

Can you advise how long it will take for my request to be fulfilled

It is not easy to say when an item will be supplied as it depends on the respond speed of the lending library and the type of material. 

Journal articles which are available digitally will usually take a few days but can sometimes be supplied almost immediately. Other journal articles may take a similar length of times to books. 

Books will normally take 1-2 weeks. When they are on their way to us most will say in transit in your Library Account

If we supply an ebook it can be available almost immediately. 

We cannot give an exact date. If you think something has taken longer than you would have expected please do contact us ( and we can update you on progress. 

The Library Account sometimes uses different statuses?

With most books the status of your request will change from submitted to in transit and finally will have a due date of when we need to return the item to the lender. 

A few books do not have these detailed statuses but instead just have submitted and then completed when the item arrives.

This is due to the range of libraries that we source items from and they are using different library management systems. 

I have received an article from the British Library but I need an account?

Yes, when you receive an article for the first time from the British Library you will need to set up an On Demand username and password. There is a link to the place to do this from the email you receive. Once registered you use that username and password to access the secure electronic document.

Please note:

You should wait for 15 minutes after registration before downloading 

You need to open it using an Adobe reader - be aware that some browser have their own default viewer and the document will not open in these,  you will get a blank screen. 

Further information


Does the service cost anything to individuals?

No, there is no charge to UEA Staff and Students for the interlending service. Your school has an allocation for the year. Researchers who have a research grant can also choose to give a research grant number for payment.

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Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00

Please note:  In response to the latest Government and Public Health England advice regarding COVID-19, Interlending staff are now working remotely. The Library building is closed and we cannot be contacted via telephone but we are monitoring our email inbox: