Tips for making the most out of print resources Tips for making the most out of print resources

Because the Library has made some changes to the policies around the loan period for borrowing books, and will be encouraging greater use of requests for books out on loan to others, we want to make some suggestions around how you can get the most out of the book you have on loan and how to manage your account where an item has been requested from you.


Hints and Tips for when you have a print book out on loan


  • Most items will be on loan for 7 days, and then will automatically renew. But, other users may request your book if they need it. We’ll email you and let you know that you need to bring it back to the library. You therefore need to plan how to get the most out of the book, in the first few days after you have borrowed it.
  • You can scan sections of the book for free on the scanners in the library. Send the scan as a PDF to your email account. This will mean you have quick access to a digital copy of the chapter or section you whenever you need it.
  • Use a scanning app on your mobile device to quickly digitise pages from a document or book for personal use.
  • Think of these options as building your own digital library, to support your personal learning.
  • Check to see if an e-book copy is available. These can be borrowed on mobile devices like normal books – but you don’t have to remember to return them on time as they will automatically return or you might have access to a permanent PDF copy.
  • Ask the Library to digitise a chapter. If you think a title is going to be popular with your cohort we could try to make it available to you all through your reading list.
  • Make notes – but not in the book! As a UEA student, there are tools available to help you with note taking such as OneNote
  • Check that you have a reading list available and ask the Library to make sure we have copies of items on the list. You can also ask your Lecturer if you think your reading list needs updating.
  • Take a look at our Digital Toolkit. Our academic librarians also hold regular Study Workshops where you can ask for further advice.
  • You are always guaranteed to have a Normal Loan for 7 days – if you know you’re not going to be on campus during a certain time period you might consider attempting a manual renewal of the books on your account ahead of time.

Remember to check your UEA email regularly – we will always let you know when items need to be returned or you need to take action on your account.


Requests and Renewals


If one of the books or items you have on loan is requested it will no longer ‘automatically renew’, you will receive an email telling you which item you need to return. You will have up to three days to do this so that the book can be used by the next person who needs it.

We realise that it isn’t always going to be possible for you to return a requested item straight away! If for whatever reason you are unable to return the book by the due date (for example you have extenuating circumstances, are on placement or are away from campus), it is essential that you contact the Library Helpdesk as soon as possible. Library Helpdesk staff will be able to talk you through the options available to you.

These options may include;

  • Return the book to us by post. Please remember that the book remains your responsibility until it has arrived safely at the Library, so we do recommend sending it recorded delivery.
  • Use an alternative drop-off point. We have return points at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn and in the Edith Cavell building at NNUH.
  • We can search to see whether an alternative electronic version is available for you and the requester.