Information skills help and guides Information skills help and guides

Videos, worksheets and guides all aspects of academic information skills, from reference management to planning a literature search.

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Information sources

Reading and note making

Referencing and citation

Literature searching

Developing a research question

Managing research data

Reading and note making Reading and note making

Bite-sized guide to information management (pdf, 2 pages) - includes tips on strategic reading, active note making and taming your files

Guide to planning a search (pdf, 2 pages)

An excellent model to stimulate critical thinking by the University of Plymouth (pdf, 2 pages)

Referencing and Citation Referencing and Citation

Reference management tools can help you to do better research. They save you time and stress by automatically creating properly formatted references lists - and they can also help you make connections between ideas.

Links and guides

Bite-sized guide to reference management software (pdf) 

Guide to EndNote Online (pdf)

Further information about Endnote

Information on referencing and plagiarism from UEA's Learning Enhancement Team

Literature Searching Literature Searching

A literature search is a detailed, organised, step-by-step search for all the relevant material available on a topic - including material you don't yet know is out there! Designing a thoughtful and systematic approach to searching the literature is the first step to research success. This worksheet guides you through what's involved.

Setting up email alerts from your favourite research sources is a brilliant way to stay up to date with your topic without getting overwhelmed. It's like getting a drip-feed of new information. Here's how to do it.

Developing a research question Developing a research question

You have a rough idea of your topic, but not sure what exactly you want to look at in your research?

This worksheet will help you think through which aspects of the topic will be both interesting to you and useful as an original contribution in your field

Managing research data Managing research data

Research data management is a growing focus in the academic community. With access to the raw data generated during research, studies can be replicated and verified, and claims can be checked. This means it's important to plan how you'll manage the data you generate from your research even before you start!

Good practice guidelines from the  Digital Curation Centre

Guidance for UEA researchers from Research and Enterprise Services