What is the High Demand Collection? What is the High Demand Collection?

The High Demand Collection is located in a room behind the Library Helpdesk on Floor 0. It contains books which are in heavy demand. Items are normally placed in High Demand either on the recommendation of lecturers or by a high number of requests being placed on them. 


How can I find items in the collection? 

All items in the High Demand collection are identifiable under 'Locations'  in UEA Library Search. Books can be found by their call number (location) and they are shelved in call number order as they are on the other reading floors.  

The catalogue will also show the availability of other copies elsewhere in the library and whether they are on loan. 



The High Demand area is accessible to all library users, but borrowing is restricted to staff and students of the University of East Anglia. 

You may check out up to five items from the collection in addition to your normal borrowing entitlement from the Main Library. 

To check out High Demand material, select the items you require and issue them on the self-service kiosk available within the room. 

All High Demand items are issued for 3 days. All loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user. Please use the resources while you have them and then return them once you no longer need them. 

All items must be issued before they leave the High Demand Area. 



Items should be checked in via the Self-service machine on floor 0. A printed receipt for all items returned will be given. It is important that you check your receipt to ensure that all items have been returned correctly. If you are ever unsure if an item has been returned you should always ask at the Library Helpdesk



High Demand material may be requested via UEA Library Search.  


To place a request: 

  1. Click on the item title  

  1. In the new item window, which opens to the right, click on Request 

  1. You may be asked to identify yourself if not already signed into your account 

  1. On the next screen, which will open in a new tab, you will be given a number of options to help get your requested item to one of three Library locations  – Main Library, King’s Lynn Health Sciences Library or Sainsbury Centre Library 

  1. Select Submit 

Please note: Only select a Sainsbury Centre Pick Up if the item is shelved at the Sainsbury Centre 

These items will be reserved for 3 days (including Saturdays and Sundays) and can be collected from the 'Reservations Shelf' located in the High Demand area on floor 0.