Introduction Introduction

The following tables give details of classmarks in UEA Library and where they are in the building.

  • The entrance to the Library is on Floor 0.
  • Floors 1, 2 and 3 are above the entrance floor.
  • Floors 01 and 02 are below the entrance floor

If you have details of a book / journal or want to search for a subject use UEA Library Search to find out the classmark before using the guide below to find its location in the building.

Floor plans are available next to the lift and staircases on each floor to help you locate your classmark on that floor. 

General Collections General Collections

Classmark Floor
CD and DVD Collections Floor 2
CSED Collection Floor 1
Curriculum and Learning Resources Collection Floor 1
High Demand Collection Floor 0
Newspapers (Current issues) Floor 0
Archives and Special Collections Floor 02

Book Collections - Main Shelves and Oversize Book Collections - Main Shelves and Oversize

Classmark Subject  Floor
A General, Museum and Gallery Studies Floor 3
B Religion, Philosophy, Psychology Floor 3
C Biography, Archaeology Floor 3
D-F History Floor 3
G-GE Earth / Environmental Sciences, Geography, Cartography,
Hydrology, Oceanography
Floor 3
G-H Social Sciences Floor 3
J Political Science Floor 2
K (also including
Law Floor 1
KAP 541.E87-
KAP 551.N28
Law Reports Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
L Education Floor 2
LT Curriculum and Learning Resources Centre (CLRC) Floor 1
M ( also including Scores
and Pamphlets)
Music Floor 02 (Rolling Stack)
N Art History Floor 2
OP Official Publications Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
P-PS (not PG, PQ) Language, Literature, Media Floor 2
PG Slavonic Language and Literature Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
PQ French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese Literature Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
PT German and Scandinavian Literature Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
PX Children's Literature Floor 2
PZ Dictionaries Floor 2
Q Physics, Climatology, Meteorology, Chemistry,
Geology, Biological Sciences
Floor 01
R Health Sciences, Allied Health, Medicine,
Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy
Floor 01
S Agriculture Floor 01
T Technology Floor 01
U Military Science Floor 01
V Naval Science Floor 01
YQ - YS Official Publications Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)
Z Publishing, Librarianship and Bibliography Floor 02
(Rolling Stack)

Book Collections - other sequences Book Collections - other sequences

Classmark Floor

Pamphlets A-J, L, N, P, Q-V, Z

Floor 02 (Rolling Stack)
Elephant All Classmarks Floor 02 
Bib sequence A-PT Floor 02 (Rolling Stack)

Journal Collections Journal Collections

Classmark Floor
PER/A and PER/B Floor 02 (Microform Room)
PER/D - PER/N Floor 02 (Silent Reading Room)
PER/P, PER/Q, PER/R Floor 02
PER/Q ABS (Science Abstracts) Floor 02
PER/Z Floor 02