Benefits of e-theses

University of East Anglia doctoral students are now required by university regulations to provide a licensed digital copy of their completed, accepted thesis into the UEA digital repository in addition to providing a bound paper copy to the Graduate School.

Theses are an often untapped and underutilised source of unique research and information. The print copies are usually hidden away in library stacks and rarely consulted locally, and yet around the world researchers are keen to read them. This is why e-theses are an important step forward in getting your research widely read and respected. E-theses are more easily found as well through search tools like Google and because they are made available through open access, anyone around the world can read them.

For you the benefits are a combination of gaining more readers, developing your professional reputation and visibility as a researcher within your field. The UEA digital repository also collects statistical information on how many times your eThesis is being accessed. This can be very useful when approaching an academic publisher in convincing them that work based on your thesis is worth considering for publication as a book.

Copyright issues

When using material within your thesis you will need to consider third party copyright issues, and this can be a complex area.

With thanks to University of Leicester library, we have adapted their document 'Keeping your thesis legal' to produce 'Your thesis and copyright'. This has guidance on different types of material, and sample wording for seeking an author's permission.

There is also information in there about copyrighting your own work. You are encouraged to use a Creative Commons license whereby you retain the copyright, but give permission to others (depending on the type of license) to use or modify your work.

For any queries about your ethesis in the library, contact Rachel Henderson, Science & Research Support Librarian