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UEA Library has a vast amount of electronic resources which are available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. These can be accessed via a computer or mobile device from the comfort of your own home or whilst on campus. These resources include e- books, e- journals, and databases and you will need to have your UEA username and password in order to access them.

E Books

UEA owns thousands of academic e-books across all disciplines. In fact we could fill another Library building with the amount of content we own! The big advantage for using e-book`s is that they are instantly accessible, you don’t have to visit the library to loan them out and you won’t incur any fines for not returning them on time! The average tablet or laptop can store hundreds of books, far more than you could ever carry and with "keyword search" functions and chapter downloading you can get to the content you need fast without trawling through the whole book. The content can be enlarged if necessary and they are better for the environment. Search for your e-book in Library Search and filter your results by e-books. Click the "Online Resource" to open the e-book. Or search for e-book in Find Databases and browse our e-book collections.

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E Journals

UEA Library subscribes to thousands of peer reviewed journals with leading publishers across all disciplines. Get access through Library Search or Find E-Journals. Want to know more about how to search for journals


We have hundreds of searchable databases and each resource has a brief description of coverage and content. If you want to know which resources are relevant to your subject area, check out the Subject guides created by your Academic Librarian.

Help and advice

If you’re having trouble accessing any of our e-resources, contact us using the online query form or telephone 01603 592416, our office is maned from 9am -5pm Mon-Fri. Excluding Bank Holidays.



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