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IT Areas

All IT Areas have some large monitors and designated workstations that are more easily accessible for wheelchair users. Students who would like assistance with accessing or using computer equipment should contact the Student Support Service.


Software on PCS in IT Areas for users with additional needs:

CLARO READ PLUS is a highly effective, multi-sensory software solution for supporting reading and writing. It is available on all Information Services managed pcs on campus. It is also available on students' own devices if they use the remote student desktop service.



Windows 7 is running on all PCs in the IT Areas. Windows 7 offers a range of tweaks to help users with vision, hearing and mobility impairments use windows 7 more easily.

The Ease of Access Center is accessed via the following route:
Start, All Programs, Accessories, Ease of Access, Ease of Access Centre


IT workstations behind the IT Service Desk with software for users with additional needs

There are three computers behind the helpdesks on floor 0 of the Library; all have larger monitors, scanners, are on height-adjustable desks and have adjustable chairs designed to give better back support. The computer nearest the library offices has an ergonomic keyboard. There is software installed on each PC to help users with additional needs. Headphones are available from the Library Helpdesk.

The software provided on these PCs (in addition to that provided in IT Areas - see above)  includes:

ZOOM TEXT is a screen magnifier which enlarges and enhances everything on the computer screen.

DRAGON NATURALLY SPEAKING is useful for anyone who finds getting their thoughts down on paper difficult or time consuming.

DOLPHIN (SUPERNOVA) is software primarily designed to cater for all types of visual impairment.

IVEO VIEWER is software to assist with users with visual impairments.

For help with using any of the above ask at the IT Service Desk on Floor 0 of the Library.


Ergonomic keyboards

Ergonomic keyboardThe ergonomic keyboards have a gentle slope to encourage a more natural hand, wrist and forearm position with an integrated wrist rest.




Location of ergonomic keyboards

Arts building 1 - The 5 IT Areas each have at least one ergonomic keyboard.

ITCS Study area - Rooms 01.26, 01.02 and 1.17

Library - Ergonomic keyboards are fitted to a number of computers throughout the library; there is at least one on every floor, with the exception of floor 02.


Merlin LCS desktop video magnifier and connectivity box

Video magnifier (located on floor 1):

Video magnifierViewing Modes include: Full colour, black and white, high contrast positive - black text on a white background, high contrast negative - white text on a black background, a range of alternate colours - black/yellow, blue/yellow, shaped tactile controls including brightness adjustment, adjusted colour balance to give excellent colour rendition and the following:

  • Auto focus
  • Adjustable magnification from 2.7 to 58 times
  • Integrated flat panel monitor
  • Height adjustable screen also pivots, tilts and swivels in all directions

Connectivity box

The connectivity box gives either an adjustable reading line on the screen, or shutters to blank off part of the screen making concentrating on one particular portion of text easier. Both lines and shutters are fully adjustable for position and width, and can be set vertically or horizontally.


Sit/stand workstations

Height adjustable deskThere are sit/stand workstations - power height adjustable desks with an operating switch - located on floors 01, 0, 1, 2 and 3. They are ideal for sit/stand working. The location of these workstations are provided on our floor plans. Floor plans can be viewed as you exit the stairs or lifts on each floor.




Study carrels and lockers

The Library has some study carrels (small study rooms) which are normally available on a daily basis and lockers are available for one week. It may be possible for students with additional needs to have a carrel or locker for a longer period. There are some lockers in the Library foyer for those unable to access the lockers on floor 01.  Please contact Student Support Services for further information.


Photocopying and printing

PrintPlus+ workstations for photocopying, printing and scanning are available on all floors of the Library.  If you need help please ask at the IT Service Desk.


Database searching and training on using e-resources

The library does run regular workshops but if you would like extra help with a particular topic then please contact the Library Helpdesk. Staff will do their best to assist with any searches. You can also contact your Faculty Librarian for a 1:1 consultation

IT Service Desk IT Service Desk


Telephone: 01603 592345


Location: Library, Floor 0

Web: IT Service Desk

Library Helpdesk Library Helpdesk

Telephone: 01603 592993


Web: Library Helpdesk


Helpdesk Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00