Library Building Library Building

The Library building, including the IT Areas is accessible to all users; with lifts providing access to all parts of the building. There are power-assisted doors and a wider entrance gate for users in wheelchairs to access the building. 

There are accessible toilets on Floor 01 and 02 of the main building and Floor 02 of the extension. 

Emergency procedures:

In cases of emergency an alarm will sound.
  • DO ask someone to inform Library staff or security staff of your presence in the building. There are refuge areas where wheelchair users can use the refuge alarm to speak directly to a member of the security team in case of an emergency. These are located in the far stairwell and the lift lobbies on every floor.
  • DO escape as far as possible on the same level or, if this is not possible ask to be helped to a room remote from the source of the fire, or to the landing of the emergency stairs and await rescue.
  • DO NOT try to use the lifts. They will be immobilised.
  • DO NOT allow helpers to assist you or carry you down busy stairs until you are sure it is safe to do so.

IT Areas elsewhere on campus IT Areas elsewhere on campus

All of the Information Services managed IT Areas on campus are accessible to those in wheelchairs apart from Room 0.17 in the ITCS building which can only be accessed via stairs.