Suspension of accepting book donations Suspension of accepting book donations

The Library is nearing 100% full and has minimal capacity for new material. In response to this, the University’s Library Forum and Information Strategy and Services Committee has endorsed a new Collection Development Policy.  The Library is undertaking a project to implement this policy. Whilst it is our intention is to continue to review offers of research-level donations to the Library - while we progress with this project, we will continue with our temporary stop on all donations.

We will update this statement when we are able to consider donations once more.


Accepting donations Accepting donations

The Library welcomes donations of appropriate teaching and research materials subject to the conditions and guidelines detailed below.

Adding donations to library stock can be a significant overhead in terms of staff time and processing.

Before a donation is left, we need to ensure the donor is aware of the following:

  • It must be made clear, preferable in writing, at the point of offer if there are any conditions relating to the material being stipulated.
  • The library will consider the donation with the same criteria as it would purchased material.
  • The library reserves the right to refuse material when unable to accept the conditions attached to the donation, or where the material on offer is inappropriate.
  • The library cannot accept donations greater than 8 items in total without prior notice.
  • The library reserves the right to dispose of donated material where no conditions apply. There is no guarantee that items accepted for stock will not be withdrawn at a later date.

The following criteria is also taken into account when accepting donations:

  • Cost of adding the material to stock (processing, binding, staffing).
  • Availability of storage space.
  • Staff resource to process the materials.
  • Duplication of existing stock.
  • Restrictions set by donor.
  • Currency.
  • Scholarly value.
  • Condition (i.e. clean, no markings)

All donations and queries regarding donations should be referred to the relevant Academic Engagement Librarian