An introduction to our physical collections An introduction to our physical collections

Most of our physical collections are available open access on our main shelves spread over the 5 reading floors of the Library.

Books are arranged on each floor in classmark order. You find the letter first and then the number. Within a classmark the books are arranged alphabetically by author or title following the 3 letters on the spine of the book. You will find the classmark when you search for the book in UEA Library Search.

Journals are arranged within each class in A-Z order of their titles. Each class, or  broad subject, is represented by a letter which you will find when you search for the journal in UEA Library Search

The Library floor guide shows the location of the different subjects and services. Floor plans are available next to the lift and staircases on each floor. They are also available online by clicking on the links in the floor guide.

Have a classmark but do not know which floor to go to? There is also a floor guide by classmark

Need help to access items in our physical collections? Some library book stacks and shelves are not easily accessible to people with visual and mobility impairments. If you have difficulty finding or collecting books and other materials please ask at the Library Helpdesk and a member of staff will do their best to assist you. 

The book you want is on loan? You can request the item in UEA Library Search and it will be held for you on return. If the due date of an item is more than 7 days away you can ask the Library Helpdesk to recall it for you.

The item you want is not held in the Library? Complete a book suggestion form and we will consider the book for purchase. We also may be able to borrow it from another Library via Interlending.

Specific Collections Specific Collections

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