The Library has a large collection of CDs The Library has a large collection of CDs

The CD Music Library is a collection of over 10,000 compact discs covering Classical, Jazz & Blues, Pop & Rock, and Folk & World Music.  

Location: Library, Floor 2 

Finding items: All items in the collection are listed in UEA Library Search.  
Tip: In Library Search click on Advanced Search and then in Format and select Music Recording to narrow search to CDs.  

Don't forget to use the unlocking device at the Library Reception Desk before you leave the Library. 


Staff and students may recommend items to be purchased for academic use for specific modules by completing the recommendation form



The CD Music Library Collection is available to all members of UEA Library with borrowing status.  

The loan period is 7 days. All loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user. Please use the resources while you have them and then return them once you no longer need them. 

Please check the disc is in the box on return. 


Missing Discs 

Items returned with missing discs will be invoiced at full replacement costs. 

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Grant Young
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