You can borrow from other SCONUL Access Libraries You can borrow from other SCONUL Access Libraries

The Library is a member of SCONUL Access, a co-operative venture between higher education libraries. It enables staff, research students, full time postgraduates and part-time, distance learning and placement students to borrow materials from other libraries. Some institutions also allow full time undergraduates to access their libraries on a reference-only basis. 

The full list of participating institutions and further details of the scheme can be found on the SCONUL Access website.  

There may be Libraries that are not members of the SCONUL Access Scheme who may allow you to use their Library as a visitor without borrowing items. Libraries normally will have information about visitor access on their website.

To be supported by UEA library as part of the SCONUL Access Scheme you will need to:

  • Be registered as a 'current' UEA student (not intercalating, withdrawn from or completed your studies) or 'current' UEA staff
  • Be considered to be in good standing with UEA library
  • Be able to provide a valid UEA email address for all correspondence

Provided that you meet the above criteria you should be eligible to join the scheme by applying via the SCONUL Access website (see above) You only need to complete one application request regardless of how many institutions you wish to join. Once approved by UEA Library you will receive an email which can be printed each time you wish to join another library.

We recommend that you always check the information about members on the SCONUL Access website to find out if a particular institution is a member of the scheme and what their local requirements are as some institutions only accept a particular type of user, some will only allow access for all on a reference basis and some also have embargoes on accepting SCONUL applicants during busy periods.

For further information about joining the SCONUL scheme, please contact the Assistant User Services Managers (Circulation): Ruth Collins (Monday & Tuesday) and Jess Daly (Wednesday-Friday)