Making requests Making requests

If a book is on loan to another user, or is a new item not yet available on the shelves it is possible to place a request for it so it is reserved for you when it becomes available.

When you have found the book you want in UEA Library Search, click on View and request a copy to find out about the availability of individual copies. If the book is on loan, the screen will show a due date and there is an option to request.

Placing Requests

Is the due date less than 7 days ahead?

If so, you may place a request on the item. The item will be reserved for you for 3 days (including weekends) when it is returned. The current borrower will not be able to renew it.

To place a request:

  1. Click on request to the left of the item that you wish to reserve.
  2. Fill in the requested information to identify yourself.
  3. You can change the end date of the period of interest and click on GO

Is the book currently being catalogued or processed?

You can make the request as above and then contact the Library Helpdesk. In some cases it may be possible for the item to be ready for collection by the end of the following day.

Placing Recalls

Is the due date more than 7 days ahead?

If so, you may wish to have the item recalled. Please note the details of the item and enquire at the Library Helpdesk who will recall the item. Recalls can be requested in person at the helpdesk, by phone or by email. Where possible please place a request on the item before asking for a recall.

If you are happy to wait until the original due date then place a request as above.

Recalls can be placed on standard loans, CDs, Music Scores and items from the CLRC and CSED Collections.

Recalls can be made by UEA Staff and Students and from borrowers at Affiliated institutions. Please note that External Borrowers and SCONUL members are not able to place requests or recalls.

All borrowers are subject to recall all year round, including vacation periods.


How will I know when the item is available to collect?

You will receive an email and we will reserve the item for 3 days (including weekends). If you are unable to collect your item within 3 days, please contact the Library Helpdesk.

How can I check what I have requested and my place in the queue?

You can check by selecting the option Library Account in UEA Library SearchRequests Pending will show you a list of your outstanding reservations and where you are in the queue. You can also cancel reservations from this screen by clicking on the request number and then delete.

Any items currently available on the reservations shelf will also be listed with the date they will be reserved until. Reservations can not be cancelled online at this point, but can be if you contact the Library Helpdesk.

Further Help

What if the item I need is located in the Nursing and Midwifery Library in King's Lynn?

If you require something from the Library at King's Lynn please ask at the Library Helpdesk.

Having problems with requesting items?

Staff at the Library Helpdesk will do their best to help and can be contacted via phone, email or in person on floor 0.


Collecting requested items Collecting requested items

Requested items waiting to be collected are reserved in the High Demand Collection on Floor 0. Items can be collected 24/7.

In order to find your item you will need your Patron ID number. This number can be found at the top of the notification you were sent advising you that the item was available.

Items must stay within the High Demand Collection until you have issued the item to yourself. Please ensure that you check the due date of the item when issuing. If there are further requests on the item the loan period will be reduced.