Making requests Making requests

If a book or item is not on loan (and is not a reference item) you can find it on the shelf and check it out. However, you need to request on loan items which you require using Library Search, rather than wait for them to be returned. Otherwise they will auto-renew and not come back to the shelf.  

Requesting an item means that the person who has it on loan will be asked to return it. You will be notified when the item is available for you to collect.


To place a request: 

  1. Click on the item title  

  1. In the new item window, which opens to the right, click on Request 

  1. You may be asked to identify yourself if not already signed into your account 

  1. On the next screen, which will open in a new tab, you will be given a number of options to help get your requested item to one of three Library locations – Main Library, King’s Lynn Health Sciences Library or Sainsbury Centre Library 

  1. Select Submit 

Please note: Only select a Sainsbury Centre Pick Up if the item is shelved at the Sainsbury Centre  


Is the book currently being catalogued or processed? 

You can make the request as above and then contact the Library Helpdesk


How will I know when the item is available to collect? 

You will receive an email and we will reserve the item for 3 days (including weekends). If you are unable to collect your item within 3 days, please contact the Library Helpdesk


How can I check what I have requested? 

You can check by selecting the option My Account in UEA Library Search. The Holds tab will show you a list of your outstanding requests.  

Any items not yet available to you can be cancelled from this screen by selecting the remove option.  

Any items currently available on the request shelf will also be listed. Requests cannot be cancelled online at this point but can be if you contact the Library Helpdesk


What if the item I need is located at the Health Sciences Library at King's Lynn? 

If you require something from the Library at King's Lynn please ask at the Library Helpdesk. 


Further Help 

Having problems with requesting items? 

Staff at the Library Helpdesk will do their best to help and can be contacted via phone, email or in person on floor 0. 

Collecting requested items Collecting requested items

Requested items waiting to be collected are reserved in the High Demand Collection on Floor 0. Items can be collected 24/7. 

In order to find your item you will need your Pick Up ID. Your Pick Up ID is the first two letters of your family name and the last three letters of your IT username.  

For example, if your family name is Smith and your IT username is abc19def your Pick Up ID will be SM - DEF  


Items must stay within the High Demand Collection until you have checked out the item to yourself. Please ensure that you look for the due date of the item when checking it out.