How to check what's due back when How to check what's due back when

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You can access your account from UEA Library Search and from the self-service kiosks on floor 0 of the Library. The kiosks have instructions on the screen and you will need your campus card to access your details. 

In UEA Library Search select the option 'Sign In' at the top right of the screen and you will be asked to identify yourself with your IT username and password. 

Information available within your Library Account: 

  • Current items on loan and their return dates. 

  • Outstanding requests 

  • Requests waiting to be collected and date to collect by. 

How to renew loans How to renew loans

Loan lengths are now simpler. We have 2 loan lengths; 7 days for all Normal Loans and 3 Days for high demand items. Some items will still be reference copies for use in the Library. 

All loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user. Please use the resources while you have them and then return them once you no longer need them. 

If you wish to make manual renewals on your account you will still be able to do so. 

Renewals may be made: 

  • via UEA Library Search, using My Account 

  • using the self-service kiosks on floor 0 (you will need your campus card). 

It is important that you check your UEA email often as this is how we will contact you to inform you that your automatic renewal has not taken place as the item has an outstanding request on it. 

This may be the first time you’re aware that the item can’t renew so we’ll give you 3 days to return the book to us.  

During the 3 days after the due date we’ll remind you via email that you need to return the requested item to the Library. Your account will still be usable—you’ll be able to borrow new items and, if needed, automatic renewals will still take place on unrequested items on your account. 

Remember— another Library user is waiting for the requested item. 

If you don’t return the requested item within 3 days of the due date your Library account will be frozen.  

If your account becomes frozen you will be unable borrow new items, place requests or renew other items on your account online. Please contact the Library Helpdesk who will advise you on the best course of action. 

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