How to check what's due back when How to check what's due back when

Your Library Account

You can check your account from the 'Account Portlet' on this page. Alternatively you can access your account from UEA Library Search, the Traditional Library Catalogue and from the self-service kiosks on floor 0 of the Library. The kiosks have instructions on the screen and you will need your campus card to access your details.

In UEA Library Search select the option 'Library Account' and you will be asked to identify yourself with your IT username and password.

Information available within your Library Account:

  • Current items on loan and their return dates.
  • Outstanding requests, where you are in the queue and the opportunity to cancel if no longer required.
  • Reservations waiting to be collected and date to collect by.
  • Details of fines accruing on overdue material (which are not payable until material is renewed or returned).
  • List of fines that are payable and other financial transactions (e.g. external borrower membership fees if applicable).

How to renew loans How to renew loans

Unlimited Renewals

Items on loan may be renewed for an unlimited period as long as they have not been requested or recalled by another borrower, or until your relationship with the university ends. 


Renewals may be made:

  • via UEA Library Search.
  • via the Library Portlet.
  • via the Traditional Library Catalogue.
  • using the self-service kiosks on floor 0 (you will need your campus card).
  • at the Library Helpdesk on floor 0.
  • by telephone (01603) 592993

Please note:

We are unable to accept renewals by email. 

If you are unable to log into your account and your books are due for return you must phone the Library Helpdesk (01603) 592993 to renew or you will be fined for overdue items.

Account account

Contact Us Contact Us

Telephone: 01603 592993


Location: Library, Floor 0

Web: Library Helpdesk


Helpdesk Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00

Saturday 12:00-19:00

Sunday 12:00-19:00