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All loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user.  

If an item you have on loan is requested by another user we will email you and ask you to return the item to the Library. It is important that you check your email account often.  

This may be the first time you’re aware that the item won’t renew so we’ll give you 3 days to return the item to us. The responsibility for returning items on time remains the borrowers.  

For all item types during the 3 days after the due date we’ll remind you via email that you need to return the requested item to the Library. Your account will still be usable—you’ll be able to borrow new items and, if needed, automatic renewals will still take place on unrequested items on your account. 

However, we’d ask you to remember that another Library user is waiting for the requested item and to return the item as promptly as possible. 

If you don’t return the requested item within 3 days of the due date your Library account will be blocked. This will mean you’ll be unable to check out any new items.  While your account is blocked automatic renewals will no longer take place for other items on loan to you and this may mean that further items become overdue.  

If you haven't returned the requested item within 10 days (6 days for High Demand items and DVDs), and we have been unable to fulfil the request with another copy of the item, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of purchasing a new copy of the item.  This will allow us to ensure that the requester has fair access to the item they need. Your invoice will also include a non-refundable £5 processing charge per item up to the maximum of £10. 


Please note: 

  • The replacement charge for lost keys is £7 plus a processing charge. 

  • The replacement charge for lost or damaged CD, DVD or locker key cases is £2 plus a processing charge. 


What if I am unable to return items? 

If you are experiencing problems in renewing or returning your checked out items please contact the Library Helpdesk as soon as possible who will advise you on the best course of action. 

What if I have a valid reason for not returning items on time? 

Please contact the Library Helpdesk where a senior member of staff will be able to listen and discuss individual circumstances.