UEA Library has an excellent av collection UEA Library has an excellent av collection

The collection includes commercial films, course-related recordings, documentaries and music DVDs. UEA also has a subscription to Box of Broadcasts which provides access to streamed TV and radio programmes from 2007 onwards. 

Items are made available to UEA staff and students for legitimate academic study, teaching or course-related purposes only. 

Location: The DVD collection is on open access Floor 2.  

Access to specific items for non-UEA staff and students will be provided on a discretionary basis for academic purposes only. Please enquire at the Library Helpdesk. 

INTO students wishing to borrow from this collection need to take items to the Library Helpdesk (09:00-19:00 Monday to Friday and 12:00-19:00 at weekends only). 

Finding items: All DVDs are listed on UEA Library Search.  

Tip: In Library Search click on Advanced Search and then in Format select DVD Video to narrow down to DVDs.  



All DVDs are checked out for 3 days. All loans will automatically renew ‘indefinitely’ unless requested by another user. Please use the resources while you have them and then return them once you no longer need them.  

DVDs can be checked out via the self-service kiosks. Plastic boxes are kept locked on the shelves. 

Don't forget to use the unlocking device at the Library Reception Desk before you leave the Library. 

A maximum of 3 items may be borrowed at any time. 



All DVDs can be checked in via the self-service returns machine on floor 0 (24 hours). Please ensure that the correct DVD is in the box prior to returning.  


Viewing audio-visual material in the Library 

Advance booking of Group Study Rooms and the Film Viewing Room may be made using eVision. Facilities which have not been pre-booked are available for same day use.  

Headphones can be provided when using these areas to view material from the collection. 

Additionally, DVD items may also be viewed in any booked study space using your own computer equipment and headphones, or elsewhere in the Library on PCs, subject to the requirement not to disturb others.  



UEA has a licence from the Educational Recording Agency Ltd for educational use of copyright material recorded off-air. UEA is also a member of the British Universities Film & Video Council. Users are reminded that no copying of commercial DVDs and VHS tapes, even for academic purposes, is permitted under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, without the written permission of the copyright holder or holders. 

Library Helpdesk Library Helpdesk

Telephone: 01603 592993

Email: lib.helpdesk@uea.ac.uk

Location: Library, Floor 0

Web: Library Helpdesk


Helpdesk Opening Hours:

Monday-Friday 09:00-19:00

Saturday 12:00-19:00

Sunday 12:00-19:00

Arts and Humanities Arts and Humanities

Grant Young

Academic Librarian

Grant Young
Email: grant.young@uea.ac.uk
Tel. 01603 592426

Location: Library 1.17
Office hours: Mon-Fri 9.00-17.00

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