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Roger Deakin WoodpileNEWS: Forthcoming event to celebrate the legacy of Roger Deakin:

Roger Deakin: Exploring the Archive

Date: Sunday 30 April Start Time: 13:00 Finish Time: 17:30


Full programme

Venue: The Writers' Centre Norwich

Cost: £25 (£15 concessions)

This event explores how his two great themes – rivers and woodlands – continue to captivate our attention today with talks, readings and discussion hosted by the British Archive for Contemporary Writing at UEA and the Writers' Centre Norwich.

Speakers include Richard Mabey (author of Nature Cure and The Cabaret of Plants), Katharine Norbury (author of The Fish Ladder), Adrian Cooper (director of Common Ground and editor of Arboreal), Charles Rangeley-Wilson (author of The Accidental Angler and Silt Road), Peter Larkin (poet and author of Leaves of Field), Elizabeth-Jane Burnett (poet, curator and author of swims), and Jos Smith (lecturer at the UEA and author of The New Nature Writing).

The event explores rivers and woodlands from a range of perspectives, with talks on natural history, conservation, nature writing and Roger’s own work, with readings by contemporary poets, and with an exhibition of materials selected from the British Archive for Contemporary Writing.

About the Nature Writing Archive

Nature writing is a particular focus within our collections. We hold the archive of Roger Deakin, pioneer of the wild swimming movement and author of the critically acclaimed and highly popular, Waterlog:a swimmer's journey through Britain (1999). We also hold material from acclaimed author, naturalist and environmental activist, Mark Cocker.

WG Sebald's audiovisual archive contains interviews with the author on various topics associated with English and German history. They also highlight how the East Anglian landscape provides an illustration for his discussion of 'England's fall'. 

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