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The UEA Literary Festival Archive is a collection of more than 300 audio and video recordings (cassette, VHS and DVD) of literary figures being interviewed before audiences at the University of East Anglia. These include readings from the authors’ works.

The recordings begin in 1991 and include audiences with William Styron, Doris Lessing and Salman Rushdie in the first year. The Spring Literary Festival is hosted by the Centre for Creative and Performing Arts. The Autumn Literary Festival is hosted by the Arthur Miller Centre for American Studies.

The audiocassettes are in most cases taken from the already held video (VHS) recordings

Additions are made annually. Since 2004 the video recordings are available on DVD. In 2016, British Archive for Contemporary Writing began to digitise selected recordings in partnership with the East Anglian Film Archive. View some of those recordings online here.

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